Laser Mechanisms, Inc.
                            Laser Mechanisms is the recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of laser beam delivery components and articulated arm
                            systems.  Founded in 1980 by William G. Fredrick, one of the leading pioneers in the laser industry, Laser Mechanisms has been in business
                            for over 30 yearsand has a staff
of system experts with over 300 years combined laser processing experience.
                           Laser Mechanisms’products are used in every type of industrial application including cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, surface treatment
                           andother processes.   The products are used with every type of laser, including CO2, Nd:YAG, Fiber Laser and more.
                           Over the years the company has introduced many innovations to enhance the performance, safety, capability, ease of use and cost
                           effectiveness of laser processing.  One of these innovations is the cartridge style lens holder which is shown on the AccuCutter and AccuFocus
                           products in this catalog.  

                            These holders 
make it very simple to change, replace and clean the focusing lens on a laser head. It is also possible to combine more than one
                            of these holders 
within a single assembly to allow the use of different focal lengths for different laser applications with a single piece of equipment.
                            Due to the limited space in this catalog, other examples of the company's innovations such as Articulated Arms, Trepanning Heads, Vision Systems
                            and custom products cannot be included in these pages.   While this is only a brief introduction to Laser Mechanisms and its products, we invite you
                            to contact us for more information.
                            With corporate headquarters located in Novi, Michigan and sales offices in Mariakerke, Belgium, Laser Mechanisms is firmly positioned to support
                            its global customer base.
                            At Laser Mechanisms we've been providing solutions for industrial laser beam delivery for over 30 years, let us provide a solution for you today as well.